So…I’m trying to set up an actual photo site. Maybe it’s lame because who do I think I am, right? No one’s ever really paid me for photos except maybe with food AND LOVE but I enjoy it and will continue to hone this hobby until someone begs me to stop. Please don’t beg me to stop. Hey, my grandma thinks I’m cool and that’s good enough for me.

After a couple months of lagging and sorting (thinking of some overlay logo, etc.), I’m almost done. The site isn’t quite finished yet (I know, such a tease) but just wanted to share some photos that you can expect to be on there. Let me know what you think. Thanks! 

I tried summing up the backpacking portion of my trip into a few collages. It was hard to choose from all the photos but I think you get the gist of it, obnoxious font and all.

A lot of people (my mom) have asked about the city and my home here in Tacloban. So, I decided to give the people (my mom) what they want and upload a few photos. There are definitely many more pics but no amount of photos do this place any justice, it’s just something you have to experience yourself.

1. Tacloban Airport

2. My little street around the corner of the volunteer center

3. The gate to my homestay

4. My home for a month

5. Some of my host family’s relatives. On my first day, I arrived just in time for a family picnic on the beach and they invited me to come along. This is us riding on the back of one of their pick up trucks. Typical Tacloban style.

6. Family beach picnic 

7. Volunteer for the Visayans main headquarters. 

Lost in Translation
Female Hostel Worker: can you help me?
Me: sure, what did you need?
FHW: can you read paper and I repeat how you pronounce?
Me: okay.
(shows me the piece of paper. The word "PROSTITUTE" written on it, I raise my eyebrows)
Me: Umm...prostitute?
FHW: pros-too?
Me: Prostitute.
Me: Prohhs-tit-tooot.
FHW: Prohhhstitooot.
Me: yup.
FHW: (smiles) okay, thank you.
Just another day.
#3: Treat Yo Self

You guys, I can’t believe I made it this far without freaking out and crawling into a fetal position. Go me! The backpacking portion of my trip has now come to a close and I can’t even describe to you what an amazing experience this has been so far. Four weeks in four countries is definitely NOT recommended but I’m glad I got a condensed version of each place so I know what to expect for future travel. Who’s coming with me next time?! I’ve met some awesome people along the way but it sucks that our time together is always short and everyone ends up going their separate ways, sometimes without exchanging contact information or a last name. We can’t even be Facebook friends? Cue the single tear. I thought we had something.

I wanted to update this blog more often but I haven’t really had time or a chance to sort through all my photos. I’ll try and recap some adventures when I get a hold of a reliable computer. I start volunteering this Monday and I’m looking forward to start a whole new chapter in this whirlwind of a trip. It’s going by so quickly and I already miss it. If February was my "TreatYoSelf" tour, March is "Treat Others, Yo" tour. I’ll be living in Tacloban City, the capital of Leyte, a Southern province of the Philippines. I’m staying with a host family for a month and working as a media intern, documenting projects for a small non-profit organization called Volunteer for the Visayans

Wish me luck!